Chandelier Boer Goat Stud


We are successfully farming with Boer Goats in the Klein Karoo Region of the Republic of South Africa. By means of careful selection, we are only using the best breeding stock to produce animals with high survivability, fertility and mothering abilities, calm disposition and adaptability, able to thrive under harsh conditions and with low quality food sometimes inevitable in a semi-desert area. Our goats are very healthy, robust with a medium bone structure and a lot of meat on the carcass.

We select for goats with short white coats on the major part of their bodies, making them more conspicuous and to facilitate the rounding up of goats in dense terrain. A pigmented skin on the hairless parts, e.g. under the tail, around the eyelids and mouth, is absolutely essential, because it offers resistance to sunburn and skin disease. A loose, supple skin is essential for adaptability to climatic conditions and also offers additional resistance to external parasites.


In appearance a goat with a fine head, round horns bent backwards with a loose, supple and pleated skin and different body parts well fleshed and in perfect balance. Rams are heavier in the head, neck and forequarters with a strong and vigorous overall appearance.


Our top ewes are feminine and wedging slightly to the front (which is a sign of good fertility). Strong emphasis are placed on fertility and outstanding mothering abilities to wean healthy, heavy kids rapidly and at a very low cost.

Our Breeding Objectives

  • To breed animals with high fertility and good mothering abilities delivering weaning averages above 180%
  •  To breed hardy animals that display above average resistance to common livestock diseases and parasites
  •  To breed animals that are highly adaptable and need minimal supplementary feeding

The practice of AI (artificial insemination), is one of the few inputs pertaining to the livestock industry that has far more financial gain than the natural mating process that it replaces. As a bonus, it results in far greater efficiency providing easy access to only the best rams at a relatively low cost. In the same way, embryo flushing and transfer is regarded as the most economic method to increase and preserve the genetics of our top stud ewes.


Only our very best ewes are selected as donors. Using the Laparoscopic Insemination Technique, donor ewes are impregnated with semen from top quality rams. After a few days developed embryos are flushed and transferred into recipient ewes who then bear and supply the embryos of the needed nutrition and raises the kids.

The donor ewes can be flushed repeatedly every 7-8 weeks or be inseminated to get pregnant again. Using this method, only the very best genetic traits are selected and improved upon, producing top quality animals for export.

Chandelier Boer Goat Stud for Export Photo Gallery

We are the number 1 exporter of livestock from South Africa and have exported Ostriches, Boer Goats, Sheep, Cattle and Game to the following countries:United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab State of Kuwait, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Senegal, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Islamic Rebublic of Pakistan, State of Japan, Malaysia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Mozambique, Ukraine, Republic of Slovenia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Somalia