Nguni Cattle

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The Nguni cattle are indigenous to South Africa. The "Nguni" name was given by the black tribe in South Africa, known as the Nguni People. The Nguni Cattle is famous for their fertility and resistance to diseases. Nguni Cattle can survive very well on very little food and they are excellent foragers that will graze on steep slopes and thick bushes.


  • Adaptability 
  • Calm but alert ( Good temperament)
  • Small cattle
  • Good resistance to ticks
  • Thick skins
  • The tail is thin and flexible
  • Can handle extreme weather
  • Adapt well to different climates
  • Survive on low nutrition
  • The legs and hoofs should be strong to walk and climb easily

    Average Weight

    Bull 500-700 kg

    Cow 300-400 kg

    Calve 175 kg

    Nguni Cattle for Export Photo Gallery

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