South African Livestock in the Arab World

Ad Gerrie Ferreira 2014South Africa is renowned for its extreme climate conditions. In vast areas, such as the Kalahari Desert and part of the Karoo, the climate and ecosystems are quite similar to those of the Middle East.

The unfavourable conditions in South Africa and merciless natural selection did, however, result in well adapted indigenous stock breeds. South Africa has the indigenous cattle breeds such as the Afrikaner and Nguni and later the Bonsmara, sheep breeds such as Persian Sheep, Namaqua Sheep, Afrikaner Sheep and Damara Sheep. Indigenous goat breeds, such as the striking Red Headed Boer Goats, White Savannah Goats as well as the Kalahari Reds, adapted well to the harsh conditions of South Africa.

Boer Goats for Excellent Meat Production

Quality is the name of the game


Mr Gerrie Ferreira, owner of the Chandelier Boer Goat Stud, with a group of stud ewes and kids destined for the Middle East


The 2007 World Champion Sire, Magnum, the top Stud ram currently in use at the Chandelier Boer Goat stud.


Two top stud ewes, with their triplets, at the Chandelier Boer Goat stud.

The famous Boer Goat ("Boer" means "farmer" in Dutch) has been developed in South Africa by breeding the 'indigenous' stock and no cross-breeding of foreign species have been used in the development and ennobling of the Boer Goat. In fact, only by means of brilliant selection and breeding from indigenous animals this ennobled race was developed. (Raising Meat Goats for Profit by Gail Bowman). The aim was to have a hardy, very adaptable, meat animal that could survive the varied conditions of the African landscape while still maintaining a high birth rate, high survival rate, and a marketable meat carcass.

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We are the number 1 exporter of livestock from South Africa and have exported Ostriches, Boer Goats, Sheep, Cattle and Game to the following countries:United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab State of Kuwait, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Senegal, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Islamic Rebublic of Pakistan, State of Japan, Malaysia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Mozambique, Ukraine, Republic of Slovenia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Somalia