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Ostrich chicks

The Ostrich (Struthio camelus) is the largest living bird and in the wild is presently restricted to Southern and East Africa. It is the only ratite whose natural distribution extends north of the equator. While being a bird of arid and semi-arid open grassland plains, it adapts to a wide range of climatic conditions in its wide geographical distribution, from winter rains and even snow in the Cape to extremely hot summer desert conditions. High humidity in summer rainfall is also well tolerated.

There are several distinct subspecies of the Ostrich, based on geographical distribution and appearance. In South Africa, ostrich farming began around 1863, with wild-caught birds of the southern subspecies. A long process of rigorous selection for feather quality and the further introduction of birds imported from North and East Africa early this century has led to the establishment of a distinct, domesticated or domestic breed of ostriches. These birds are docile, have excellent feathers and the hens are good layers.

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