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The Blackheaded Persian originated in the arid regions of east Africa in what is now Somalia.

The initial stock was introduced through a small group of sheep off a ship wrecked of the Cape coast in 1869. Somali traders along the eastern coast may have introduced more animals.

It is one of the fat-rumped breeds and both sexes are polled. The breed is now found in South Africa where they are sometimes known by the name Swartkoppersie.

Blackheaded Persian sheep has been successfully exported, via South Africa to very humid places like Brazil and the Caribbean. In these conditions they adapted very well.

Chandelier Persian Stud consists of Red headed and Red Speckled Persian sheep.

Blackheaded Persians have a white body and black head and neck with the two colors sharply distinguished.

Althouht the group had black heads they might produced some progeny with red heads. Red and black speckled varieties also occur .

The Blackheaded Persian is one of the breeds that was used to develop the Dorper.


    • This breed is known for its fertility
    • has no lambing problems
    • has even temperament
    • low water intake
    • effective foraging ability
    • good walking ability
    • high quality soft leather (known as Cape glover)
    • provides excellent mother line for crossbreeding
    • ability to breed every eight months and to produce a high number of twins
    • Ewes lactate for approximately 84 days, produce 50 kg (110 lb) of milk with 5.9% fat


  • The Blackhead Persian is a fat-tailed breed of domestic sheep from Africa
  • The breed is also a type of hair sheep
  • They do not grow wool and tolerate heat better than wooled breeds
  • Raised primarily for meat
  • Both sexes are polled
  • There is also a variety of a slightly different color called the Redhead Persian
  • In addition to storing fat in their tail, they can store fat in their dewlap
  • Blackhead Persians and Redhead Persians have been used to help bolster any native sheep breeds in hot, humid countries
  • They are noted to being a very healthy breed and have the ability to put on fat in tough grazing conditions


Average Weight

At maturity, rams weigh 68 kg (150 lb Ewes 52 kg (115 lb)

At birth, rams and ewes weigh about 2.6 kg (5.7 lb).

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