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The Brahman was introduced to the South African beef cattle scene back in 1954 when eight males and ten females from Texas, USA, landed at Cape Town harbour. The Brahman breed in Southern Africa has changed the composition of commercial herds due to its versatile performance. The contribution Brahmans have made towards the South African stud and commercial industry can be described as remarkable, especially during the first three decades starting in 1960. The distinctive appearance of the Brahman during the subsequent decade sets them apart from any other traditional beef breed in South Africa. The hump on top of its shoulders, large pendulous ears, abundant folds of skin and distinctive colour have contributed towards the phenomenal growth being recorded.


  • Genetic versatility (Grey Brahman, Red Brahman, Gyr, Nelore, Indu Brazil and Guzerat)
  • More hybrid vigour with reference to:
    1. Percentage conceived: 70.1 – 100.00%
    2. Calving difficulty: 0.0 – 10.0%
    3. Weaning mass and wean/cow mass ration: 50.6%
    4. FCR (Feed Conversion rate): +6.7%
    5. ADG (Average daily gain): +16.8%
  • The breeding of those sought after crossbred calves for the feedlot
  • Hardiness and adaptability due to low maintenance requirements, heat tolerance, disease resistance and bloat resistance
  • Higher meat income, due to late cutting of teeth at an age of 32 months
  • Early marketability. Brahman and Brahman crossbreeds are market ready at 30 months. Their age for market availability was 6.9 months earlier than that of comparable breeds, while their growth rate was 21% faster
  • Accessibility to ± 60,000 enrolled head of cattle in South Africa

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