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Ostrich Exports

More than 65% of the world’s ostrich population is found in South Africa. This country also accounts for 90% of the ostrich products available in the world. Oudtshoorn, located in the Southern Cape of South Africa, is considered the ostrich capital of the world. South Africa’s ostrich population ranks high for exports and is reported to be one of the top twenty agriculturally-based industries in the country.

Karoo Livestock Exports (KLE) has government approved quarantine and isolation facilities in South Africa. We successfully farm with South African Black Neck Ostriches, Cattle, Boer Goats and Sheep for more than 150 years and guarantee top quality breeding stock at very reasonable prices.

Why South African Black Neck Ostriches

  1. Adaptability
  2. Docile
  3. Huge Genetic Pool in South Africa – no inbreeding
  4. High Reproduction Rate
  5. High Fertility
  6. Very Good Survival
  7. Fast Growers
  8. High Quality Leather
  9. Top Grade Meat
  10. Excellent Feather Production
  11. High Demand in World Market

From Our Side

Our team of experts will ensure that:

  • only top quality chicks / breeders are selected from the best breeding stock
  • all isolation requirements are adhered to, as specified in the import protocol issued by the importing country
  • all birds / chicks are tested for and certified free of the specific diseases, as specified in the Import Protocol. A Veterinary Certificate to support this will accompany the relevant export documentation

Black Neck Ostriches

The Ostrich (Struthio camelus) is the largest living bird and in the wild is presently restricted to Southern and East Africa. It is the only ratite whose natural distribution extends north of the equator. While being a bird of arid and semi-arid open grassland plains, it adapts to a wide range of climatic conditions in its wide geographical distribution, from winter rains and even snow in the Cape to extremely hot summer desert conditions. High humidity in summer rainfall is also well tolerated.

There are several distinct subspecies of the Ostrich, based on geographical distribution and appearance. In South Africa, ostrich farming began around 1863, with wild-caught birds of the southern subspecies. A long process of rigorous selection for feather quality and the further introduction of birds imported from North and East Africa early this century has led to the establishment of a distinct, domesticated or domestic breed of ostriches called the South African Black Necks. These birds are docile, have excellent feathers and the hens are good layers.

We are proud to announce that KAROO LIVESTOCK EXPORTS (KLE) have supplied high quality Black Neck Ostrich Chicks and Breeders to many satisfied customers all over the world.

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