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Holsteins have over the past century, dominated the dairy cattle population in most parts of the world. Dairy cows are maintained to convert roughage’s, which are unsuitable for human consumption, into a high quality human food. It can therefore be said, that as a breed, Holsteins are most efficient converters of roughage into high quality milk and beef. Holsteins have the highest milk productions in the world and produce good quality meat.


  • The Holstein cow commences production at about 24 months of age, calves annually, produces high volumes of milk of good, consistent component value in a long lifetime
  • Not only do they have the highest milk production, compared to other breeds, but they also have low feeding cost, which therefore results in an excellent feed conversation rate and much higher profit
  • They adapt to all management and utilization systems. They can be stabled, but are equally suitable for grazing
  • Holsteins produce vigorous calves distinguished by rapid growth, early maturity and easy care
  • Holsteins appear to be problem-free and require little care. They are good-natured and are easy to handle
  • Holsteins are also resistant to stress, exhibit a herd mentality and are not solitary animals
  • Holsteins contribute to the meat supply worldwide, have a high growth percentage in the fattening sector and produce meat with a fine fiber
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